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How To Prepare For Your Appointment

We Look Forward To Serving You. Here Is How To Prepare For Our Visit:

  1. Please ensure there is a large parking spot available for our van in the driveway or on the curb closest to the entrance.
  2. For your pet’s safety, we request that they be secured in a separate area prior to our technician’s arrival as the door will remain slightly open during the cleaning.
  3. Move any furniture you would like us to clean under PRIOR to our arrival. (We do not move furniture due to insurance liability and will clean around what is in place).
  4. Clear & prepare areas to be cleaned by removing any loose items, breakables, valuables, and vacuuming heavy debris / pet hair before technician’s arrival.
  5. Upon our arrival please be ready to do a brief walk through & communicate all major areas of concern (odors, stains etc.)
  6. For safety and quality assurance, ELIMINATE all HUMAN AND PET TRAFFIC in cleaning zones as well as around van & hoses during cleaning service.
  7. Our Technicians will do their absolute best to arrive within the 1 hour scheduled window. Job times vary, and sometimes take longer than anticipated. Our Technicians will send an “on the way” text when they are headed your way.
Carpet cleaning in Rocklin, CA
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